Can I first say that I have only 8 1/2 days left of school? WHAT?! How did this happen? This last half of the year flew by. I'm totally okay with that. We had our last field trip today. It was to a wildlife sanctuary. Outside. Record high temps. Bugs. Poison ivy. Sweaty hot mess. I had to cover myself in Monkey Butt Powder before we left so I wouldn't have major sweating issues. and yes, you read Monkey Butt Powder correctly. I swore by that stuff when I was uber pregnant all last summer and felt like I was constantly melting.

I swear if I have to flush one more guppy at school I'm gonna freak. We always get guppies, snails, millipedes, and roly polys at the end of the year. This just hasn't been a good year for critters in my classroom. All I have to say is my kids are sick of having guppy funerals in our bathrooms. Just sayin'.

I think me and my friends have way too much fun together. Last night we pretended it was Kristy's birthday at a mexican restaurant and got all our fave waiters to sing to her, make her wear a sombrero, shove whip cream in her face--which she hates, AND serve her a big ol' helping of fried ice cream. Ole!

I have a confession. I miss being pregnant. I miss that fresh-out-of-the-oven newborn stage. How is that possible when my baby is only 7 months?? I don't know. I may be crazy...I'm sure I am. I am definitely loving the stage we are in--don't get wrong--but, I just miss that whole phase of my life.

Speaking of that stage we are in...it almost involves a mobile baby. Yowza! G is almost crawling. I'm not sure me or the dogs are ready for that!

Cicadas are not nearly as horrid as everyone made them seem. *yawn* no big deal. The coyote I saw walking down my sidewalk the other morning? Now that seems a little more alarming.

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Natalie said...

I can't believe you guys are almost out of school either! Bet you can't wait for summer to hang with Baby G!