we were showered!

On Tuesday Grayson and I had our very first shower! Please note that I do mean a baby shower. I do like to be clean, ya know.
My 1st grade team hosted my school shower and it was great!
Kristy put together an AMAZING candy buffet...girl knows I love my sweets! Doesn't it look awesome?? There were lollipops, rice krispy treat pops, cotton candy shooters, m&m's, airheads--my fave, chocolate covered pretzels, & Mary's famous cupcakes! Seriously. Yum. My mouth is watering...
So cute:) Good job, girls!

My favorite 9 month old and her awesome mama even showed up! Ellie Kate was the star of the show!
My team...remember the small one from Caron's shower? Ha!
The honorary teacher...Mrs. Katie Jones!
Dear Mary, please stop making everyone else look pale. Thanks, Loma
We missed Caron terribly. She was just so lazy not to come on the day she brought her brand-new beautiful baby girl home from the hospital! Geesh. (I kid, I kid..) We love you CJ! I would totally photoshop you in if I knew how to!
Caron got Grayson his FIRST monogrammed outfit! I love it! Makes it seem more official now that his name is on something:)

The loot. Grayson was definitely spoiled! We also got our Pack-n-Play:) We will be using that instead of a bassinet. Can't wait to organize everything this summer! Thanks for an awesome afternoon, girls!!!

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yorks said...

How fun! You teachers are so creative. What an awesome idea with the candy!!