Mama's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
In honor of Mother's Day, I am giving you the TOP 5 reasons my mom rocks!
5. She is always giving advice...even when I may not think I need to hear it:) When I am complaining about something and/or someone, she always tells me not to let things get to me. When I am venting about someone driving me crazy, she ALWAYS tells me to just feel sorry for that person and move on...at the time, this drives me crazy. However, it is so true! I wish I didn't hold on to things and could just let things go like my mom.
4. She has taught me the importance of family. Her family...and I mean entire family...is extrememly important to her. I want Grayson to know how important family is and be able to get to know all of his extended family!
3. She is loud and funny. Enough said:)
2. Recently, I have been able to see a different side to my mom. She is not only a mom, but a soon-to-be grandma! I love seeing how excited she is to meet her grandson. I know she will be an awesome grandma & love that little boy more than anything! I mean, have you seen her with my chihuahua?! I can't imagine her with a REAL grandBABY!
1. She has taught me about loving unconditionally. I'm sure there were many times when I was a feisty teenager that she wanted to pull my hair out, but she still loved me. She always put my needs before her needs. I know so many people that don't have great relationships with their moms & I am SO lucky that my mom and I are so close!
Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!