Squeak. That is what I hear right now.
I really dislike squeaky dog toys. REALLY dislike. However, on a special day like today, I made an exception. You see, today, we are celebrating Hudson's "birthday!"
Huddy does not have a real birthday since we found him. He was about one when we decided to keep him at the end of January 2008...so, he is now THREE! We had a mommy/son date at Petsmart and he got to pick out a free toy (thank you pet perks card!) & roam around the store sniffing like a mad man. We tried out a lot of toys. This was the winner:

A squeaky basketball.
A very squeaky, very loud basketball.
A boy and his toy.

We are SO thankful this sweet boy walked into our lives 2 years ago! He is such a good boy and gets compliments all the time from strangers. People say that he is lucky that we kept him...I think we are just as lucky! Happy Birthday sweet Hud...squeak away:)

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