I'm snowed in again. Well, iced in, I suppose. I did drive to Publix to get food so that we didn't starve. I drove on 2-3 inches of solid ice the whole way! It was crazy. I am so jealous of the kids sledding all over the neighborhood today...it is perfect, packed down, make you go super fast, sledding snow. Would it be creepy for a mid-twenties girl to ask the neighborhood kids if she could play too? Probably.
Since I am stuck inside again today, I have nothing exciting to write about. So here are a few of my current favorite things:
HGTV's Rate My Space. Not the show, but the website! I am addicted to this website. Thousands of people have uploaded pictures of different rooms in their house & you can search through them and get ideas. I am wanting to tackle the 2 guest rooms this spring...I have been gathering ideas from this! Seriously, check it out. It's amazing.
Yesterday, I watched Friends all. day. long. I will probably do the same thing again today. I got the box set for Christmas...makes me a happy girl.

Sharpie pens! I got so many of these in my stocking this year! These little pens are awesome. Fine point tip...lots of color...and they don't bleed through paper. Perfect.

My Mountain Hardwear "Monkey Woman" fleece. This has been attached to me since yesterday morning. It is my own furry paradise.

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