i'm getting to know you....

I am feeling very lazy this Saturday morning. I am slightly dreading cleaning the house...but I am happy my husband is home to help. For a lack of things to post, I am copying Becca. Hi. I'm Laura. Nice to "meet" you.

I am- a wife, an only child, mama to precious furbabies, 1st grade teacher, friend, granddaughter, niece, an ATLien for life.

I have- more than I deserve, a great family, friends that make me laugh ALL the time, a fun job, a love for llamas, a colorful house, amazing footie pajamas.

I want- a houseful of kids. oh, and petty drama to end.

I fear- losing people close to me.

I search- for ways to better myself.

I wonder- all the time about our family and where we will be down the road...will we have lots of kids? buy land? have the same jobs?

I regret- nothing. i have learned from all of my mistakes.

I love- being off in the summer, animals, Christmas, blogs, diet dr. pepper, Jim Halpert, mexican food, driving through the country, laugh so hard my stomach hurts.

I always- try to remember to see the good in people.

I usually- don't take myself too seriously.

I am not- a person who seeks revenge. Not my style.

I dance- all. the. time. only to rap...

I sing- in the car, shower, my house...

I never- thought I would have 3 dogs.

I cry- during ANY movie where an animal gets hurt/killed. Even Bambi.

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