McFatty Monday

Welcome back to McFatty Monday!!
I am a bad McFatty Monday-er because I forgot to step on the scale this morning. However, I did cheat a few days ago and step right on that evil electronic nemesis & it told me I lost 4lbs. Hold the applause, people. I don't think I really lost 4lbs...BUT, I think I lost something.
Right now I plan on working out right after school on Monday-Thursday and then workout on Saturday. I have been doing cardio but Kristy (her husband is like a macho body bodybuilder) is going to show me the ropes with the weights. I call the weights area the "Men Only" section. All those juice heads (shout out JERSEY SHORE!) intimidate me. This is what I did this past week:
Monday: cardio
Tuesday: cardio
Friday: Cardio (so cold that when I left the gym, my sweaty forehead got a brain freeze. I kid you not)
Sunday: cardio
Do you see a pattern? I like cardio. I need to also like weights.
I did pretty good with my food this week, too. We only ate out once. I used some Weight Watcher recipes/other lowfat recipes. I am trying my hardest to not drink my calories with diet coke. Yikes. That is hard. I did drink a TON of water every day. Go me. Every time I crave an entire bowl of queso OR 5 oatmeal creme pies, I just have to say to myself: Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Right??
Okay, I plan on posting a yummy lowfat recipe each week. I found a recipe on AllRecipe for a mexican pizza and I tweaked it a bit. It turned out so yummy!! Definitely satisfies my Taco Bell mexican pizza craving!!


Anonymous said...

mmm that looks so yummy!! I will have to try it!

Anonymous said...

Great job Laura. This is Alexis Burnett (in case you forgot me). You should check out my blog sometimes. It is mostly my ramblings but lots of useful health information too. Hope you're well. Stay focused on your goals & anything is possible.


My Mississippi Madness said...

I love your blog! We need to share recipes!! Miss you!!!