snowed in. again!

We woke up to snow again! It has officially been snowing for 3 days now. Today it is snowing harder and sticking more...I love it! Come on Leiper's Fork...ice those roads so we won't have school on Moday! :) Hmm..I just had a 3 day week...am I being selfish?
There is a really big civil war era house in our neighborhood (random, I know) and I love that we can see it all winter long. It is right behind the treeline that is in front of our house. Doesn't it look pretty in the snow?
Casa de la May!
I am SO excited because the package I have been expecting arrived yesterday! I ordered some dog stockings off of Ballard Design's website after Christmas. They were in the clearance section AND they monogrammed them for free! I am so excited for our furbabies to have cute stocking next year.
They turned out great...only 350 something days until I get to use them! :)

Stay tuned for some exciting news for our little family!

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