Menu Plan (almost) Monday

To say that I am loving my new Weight Watchers cookbook is an understatement. Seriously, I love it. Almost all of the recipes for this week come from this cookbook...I am excited to try new things!
Tonight: Baked dijon chicken with roasted rosemary sweet potatoes
Monday: Mexican Pizza...yum! I love Taco Bell (don't hate) but I rarely go because I hear it is not very good for you..ha! I got this recipe from my All Recipe app on my phone...so technologically savvy, right? I am subsituting ground beef with ground turkey...something I have been doing a lot lately. I will share the recipe if I approve!
Tuesday: Crockpot Chicken Stew
Wednesday: leftovers...mexican pizza or chicken stew
Thursday: Shepherd's Pie...with chicken
Friday: Provencal Chicken Strips over whole wheat pasta

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