I'm not a resolution person

I have never been a resolution person. Sure, I will make a list of goals each January because I feel like it's what I'm "supposed" to do, but I rarely think twice about them.  2 years ago I decided to just focus on one word or phrase for the year. My phrase for 2013 was "to be present." I prayed that over my life in so many aspects and I really liked having that kind of resolution.
At our last bible study in December, my friend Anna said she had done something similar but picked a word for her kids and prayed that over them for the year. I loved that! I pray for my kids daily but I am not always intentional with my prayers.  This year I want to change that. Not only do I want to be intentional but I really want to just focus on one thing with each of our kids. I spent time in December asking God what word He wanted me to focus on with each kid.
Grayson's word is confidence. Our firstborn has always been the shy one of our family. He can be easily intimidated. I know that feeling all too well because I was so similar to him growing up. I long for him to be confident in not only who he is but whose he is.  He has already gotten so much better in the past year about standing up for himself (and Griff!) but I want him to just keep growing in that area. I want him to be able to stand firm in what he believes in and be able to confidently stand up for himself. I want him to be comfortable in his own skin.
Griffin's word is rest. This may sound silly, but I will be praying restful sleep over Griffin this year. Griffin has never been a fantastic sleeper. As a baby, he was actually a horrible sleeper. He has gotten so much better as he has gotten older, but his main issue now is night terrors & bad dreams. There is nothing sadder than seeing your baby absolutely terrified. Griffy is a boy that appreciates his sleep & it just makes me sad for him that he doesn't get the rest his little body needs because of his pretty regular bad dreams. I want that spunky 2 year old to have a full night of restful sleep & kick those night terrors to the curb!
Cheney's word is beauty. That sounds so cliché since she is the baby girl of the family, but I promise it goes deeper than just wearing bows and cute clothes! ha! This one is really important to me. I want Cheney to know that real beauty is on the inside. The outward beauty that people are always trying to perfect can quickly become an obsession. I want our sweet girl to understand that God made her exactly how he wanted her and he made her beautiful. Her beauty and worth comes from Him. As a mama who has dealt with an eating disorder, this one just really make me teary thinking about it. I never want Cheney to feel like she isn't pretty enough or thin enough. She is fearfully & wonderfully made and I want her to know that AND believe that from an early age.

So these are my biggest goals for 2015. Praying intentionally over my children. What are your goals?

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