Our Christmas

The one thing that makes me a little gloomy about Christmas is that I am always so excited for it to get here and then I blink & it is over!  We spent Christmas at home this year & my parents came in for a few days. I think each year is just more & more magical as they kids get older. Grayson is really starting to understand why we celebrate & the story of Christmas.  Griffin was all about opening his own presents this year. You could have wrapped up a rock and he would have been pumped. Ripping the paper off was a major thrill for him!
We spent Christmas Eve at our church. {side note: in true Griffin fashion, we spent the morning of Christmas Eve at the pediatrician. He woke up with what I thought was pink eye but instead had a double ear infection! Sheesh. He has been sick every single Christmas!} The entire hour was all music and we let the boys stay with us at "big church." They did so great & loved all the music! I think one thing that will stick in my mind forever is listening to my sweet Grayson singing along to the songs. I want to freeze their little voices & never forget them. Hearing him sing "Away in the Manger" with the rest of the congregation was precious.
Can I just say that sometimes I have to pinch myself when I see these 3 together? Do we really have 3 kids?!
 We let the kids open a few presents from out of town family on Christmas Eve. Head lamps and flash lights were a HUGE hit. Who knew?? This picture cracks me up. Their faces are so funny!
Cheney couldn't hang very long after dinner, so she wasn't in the Christmas Eve bedtime picture...there is always next year! These boys were super excited about Santa coming & were pretty sad that Doodle Elf had to fly back to the North Pole for good.
Christmas morning was spent watching the boys tear into presents, sipping on coffee, snuggling a sweet baby girl, & eating yummy breakfast food. Perfect!

These boys had a great Christmas. It really is so fun to experience everything through their eyes. It just keeps getting better!
This little lady was my favorite gift this year! We love our sweet Cheney so much!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I can't believe it is almost 2015!


Carol said...

Looks like y'all had a fabulous Christmas even with Griffin getting sick. Grayson looks so grown up, his hair is so dark! Such cuties! Love Cheneys Christmas outfit!

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