Cheney: 4 months old

Baby girl, you are FOUR months old today!
The stats:
Weight: 11lbs 11oz (5th percentile)
Height: 24 inches (25th percentile)
Clothes: you can wear 3 month shirts/onesies but everything else is 6 month! You are so long & are all legs. 6 month pants are the perfect length but won't fit around your teeny tiny waist!
Diaper: size 1
We switched to formula shortly after you turned 3 months old.  We had a great nursing bond & I was so torn when we stopped, but you (and I!) sleep so much better now. You are now on a 4 hour schedule during the day which is so nice! You take a bottle at 7:30, 11:30, 3:30, & 7:30. Right now you are drinking 6 ounces at every feeding...you are trying to put on some weight!
You are so close to sleeping all the way through the night! I'm not pushing it yet because you are still so small & I truly think you are waking up to eat. You go to bed at 7:30 and wake up between 3:00-4:00 each night to eat & then sleep until around 7-7:30. You are still swaddled & are still sleeping in your Rock 'n Play. I'm pretty nervous to change either one of those! Naps are getting better. Sometimes you still do the 30 minute nap & I have to rock you back to sleep. Other times you will sleep 2 hours! You take 3 naps during the day right now. You are a creature of habit and definitely love to sleep in your dark room with your sound machine.
Happenings this month:
-you got switched to the big girl carseat this month! You are now riding in the Britax Roundabout and are SO MUCH happier. You even take naps in the car!!! It is amazing.
-you went on your first road trip to Atlanta this month! You did so much better than I expected. You were very good in the car & slept great in Georgia. You are just so easy!
-you now go to the nursery at church! You go on Wednesdays & Sundays and the sweet ladies just adore you. They love you & that makes my mama heart so happy.
-You are rolling from tummy to back!
-You love to stand and are so strong! You are even trying to sit up on your own. I'm not ready for you to be so big!
-You love your big brothers so much. They give you very little personal space but you don't seem to mind. You smile so big when they talk to you!
-You are now big enough for the jumperoo & walker! Your feet don't touch the ground but you love sitting in them. The boys love pushing you around in the walker!
-you talk ALL day long. Such sweet sounds.
Cheney, this day is so bittersweet. Exactly one year ago my friend Michelle passed away. Later that night, we found out about you. A sweet little addition to our family we didn't even know we were missing! Cheney, every day I am thankful for you. You are a constant reminder to me that God is good all the time.

You are the sweetest little girl & such a dream baby. You are so happy almost all the time and love to flash that pretty smile! I always say that you have a full body smile...you literally smile with every inch of your body! I love this stage so much & we are loving watching you learn new things and grow. Cheney girl, we love you so much!


Ashleigh said...

Happy 4 months sweet girl...

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