It's been a long time since I have done a "confessions" post. But don't worry, that isn't because there is nothing to confess. It is more because my brain is now mush and I have zero free minutes in the day. Here we go!
-My daughter still has a Christmas tree up in her room. This is not because I am SO SUPER OBSESSED with Christmas. Nope, it's just because I can't for the life of me remember to take it down when she is actually awake.
-The Kindle Fires have become somewhat of our morning babysitters. Our boys have been waking up SO early (especially Grayson) and instead of playing in the bonus room and being loud, they now sit quietly in G's bed until 7:00 playing games and watching shows on their Kindles. It. Is. Amazing.
-As I am typing this, I also have a 3 foot tall Snowman staring at me. Maybe one day all the decorations will actually be put away.
-I wash our bedroom sheets once a week. I don't do this for the kids. Oops. When do they learn how to put sheets on their own bed??
-Currently, every single bar stool is housing an article of clothing. Why is that always the drop off point for jackets??
-We recently gave our big dogs their first bath....since August.
-I am behind on Grayson and Griffin's current photo books & have yet to start Cheney's. OY.
-Grayson loves being able to brush his teeth all by himself now. I love it too because it means it is one less thing I have to do during our morning and bed time routines. However, it also means that he & Griff's sink is ALWAYS covered in blue toothepaste. We are apparently still mastering the whole 'rinse out the sink' thing.
-If I didn't post our menu on my blog, we would eat take out at least 4 times a week.
-Cheney & Griffin are always dressed so cute and look put together while 99% of the time I am wearing work out clothes and very little makeup. I will leave Grayson out of this because he dresses himself and only wants to wear Nike and Under Armour now. 


Dawn said...

I'm feeling ya on how Grayson only wants to wear certain things- Owen wants only to wear athletic type pants...cries to put on jeans! The world is so cruel...and I feel okay if the kids look ok even if I look terrible! Haha

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