Menu Monday

I am trying really hard to stick to our grocery budget & not waste food. I decided to clean out our pantry over the weekend and based our menu this week on using ingredients we already had on hand. I'm going to try & get better about shopping our pantry more often! It should also be noted that we stuck to our menu last week except for one minor mishap. The Pioneer Woman calzones were an epic fail for 2 reasons: I forgot the marinara inside AND they were just way too cheesy because of that. So, Chick Fil A was eaten on New Years Eve...how festive!
Monday: Sweet & Sour chicken with fried rice (we actually leftover fried rice from Pei Wei this weekend...even better!)
Tuesday: Poppyseed Chicken casserole with white rice & sautéed squash
Wednesday: Chicken quesadillas with black beans
Thursday: Baked Chicken Parmesan, mashed garlic potatoes (have I ever mentioned that my husband hates noodles? WHO EVEN SAYS THAT?!), corn (random...but we already had it!)
Friday: Pizza night using this dough recipe!
Saturday: Salsa Crockpot chicken--we make this ALL the time & use it for tacos, quesadillas, & tostadas. It is so easy! I just put 3-4 chicken breasts in the crockpot, cover with a jar of salsa, & sprinkle in some taco seasoning. I cook on low for 4-6 hours & then shred the chicken. So easy & good!
Sunday: I usually don't plan this until Sunday afternoon before I head to Publix! 

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