This has been such a cold & dreary winter. There has not been much to update on because I feel like we are trapped inside all the time! Here is what has been going on at the May house...
-A few weeks ago we had our follow up appointment at the cardiologist for Cheney's heart murmur. We were really praying for some sort of change that would move us in the right direction. During her Echo, we learned one hole in her heart had closed and the other had gotten smaller! Hooray! We will go back this summer but our cardiologist has high hopes that by then everything will have corrected itself. What a relief!
-We had a pretty good streak, but the sickies finally hit our house about a week and a half ago. Preschool germs are for the birds! Griffin and Cheney had bad colds and were so congested for about a week. Therefore, Cheney girl was not sleeping. Sad babies are just pitiful...I felt so bad for her. Of course while that was happening, Grayson got the stomach virus. Thankfully it was short lived & nobody else caught it. We are all on the mend & I hope it stays that way!
-In other Cheney news, I am questioning why we even have a crib for her. Sister is OBSESSED with her Rock 'n Play and hates her crib. Hates it.  This wouldn't be an issue if she wasn't pretty much too long for the Rock 'n Play now. Her feet hang off the end. We have tried countless times to put her in her crib at nap time & bed time and she has never slept more than half an hour. It's crazy! I'm a little nervous about actually making the transition...I feel like I will need lots of coffee.
-Our church just had the Compassion Experience going on for a few days. Compassion International came in and set up a walk-through experience of 3 actual Compassion sponsored kids & their lives. It was so neat. You got to walk through their life starting as young kids & see how being sponsored through Compassion changed their lives. I took the boys last night and wasn't sure how they would like it. Grayson understood as well as a 4 year old could and was asking lots of questions. This week we signed up to sponsor a 4 year old boy in Africa named Charles. I am so excited to start exchanging letters with this boy & learning about his life! This is such a great ministry and I am glad we can be a part of it.
....and just because they are cute! These 3 have been keeping me very busy!

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Ashleigh said...

I am glad things have started to correct its self. That is such a relief to you all I am sure... Hopefully the transition wont be too bad on you all!