Cheney: 5 months old

My sweet girl, you are FIVE months old today!
The Stats:
Weight: 12.4lbs
Height: 24 3/4 inches
Clothes: some 3-6 month still fits & the rest is all 6 month!
Diaper: size 2
You are drinking four 6oz. bottles during the day & you are still getting one bottle in the middle of the night. We are going to try and wean that one off now that you've put on a little weight! You are a great eater & typically don't get too fussy when it is time to eat. You tried rice cereal several times in the last couple weeks! You weren't too impressed. I am making you some applesauce this week & Daddy is putting your high chair back together so your eating adventures can begin! I know I will make some purees for you but I am really excited to start Baby-Led Weaning, too!
I have come to the conclusion that you will sleep swaddled in your Rock 'n Play until college. We have tried many times to get you in the crib and you REFUSE to sleep there. We get 25 minutes max out of you. You are so silly because you are clearly too long for Rock 'n Play but I think you just love how cozy it is. You go to bed around 7:15-7:30 each night, wake up somewhere between 1-4:00 to eat, & lately have been up for the day around 6:30. It used to be 7:30. We are working on that...it is what your mama prefers! You are taking 2 good naps a day & sometimes a 3rd little cat nap before dinner. Our goal this month is to get you to the crib!
Happenings this month:
-you celebrated your first Christmas!
-You LOVE to stand. You just started being able to stand against the couch cushions & your chair all by yourself for a little while. When you get tired you just bend your knees and sink down. It's pretty funny!
-You are trying really hard to sit up all by yourself! You can manage for about 30 seconds and then you fall over. I know you will be doing it really soon!
-You tried rice cereal. You weren't too impressed but you figured out what to do pretty quickly!
-You are starting to get more interested in your toys. You can hold on to things. You love your teethers & anything soft that you can hold. You are also very fond of the walker & exersaucer!
-You smile so big at your brothers. You really notice them now (how can you not? they are in your face all day long!) and you think they are so silly.
-You discovered your feet & you love nibbling on your toes!
-Your little personality is really starting to coming out & you are so fun! You squeal when you're happy & are generally just the happiest baby!
Cheney girl, you are just the sweetest thing in the whole world! You have this whole family wrapped around those little fingers. Everyone who meets you just adores you & you frequently get compliments about those beautiful blue eyes! I am soaking in every stage with you because I know it will be go by so fast. We are loving watching you grow! Happy 5 months, baby girl!


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