A Very Wintery Break

Here is one thing I have learned over this winter break: Grayson needs his routine. He has been telling me for the past week that he misses school. He wants to go back and see his friends. Guess what? It's snowy, icy, & 8 degrees here and school was cancelled today.  The oldest toddler and I were both a little sad about this news!
We woke up yesterday to a blanket of icy snow & an antsy 3 year old who wanted to go play in the snow. This in & of itself was shocking considering he only wants to wear basketball shorts & tshirts every day.
So, like any good southern mama, I spent 20 minutes bundling the littles up in their snowsuits so that we could play outside for 3 minutes. It turns out that 8 degrees is a bit too chilly for Grayson and Griffin. I did, however, make them stay out long enough so I could document our snow day!

Okay, we've had our snow day for the year. We are ready for a warm front!

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Jen Watts said...

Oh my gosh! How cute are they bundled up?