Menu Monday

I think this is my first menu plan since late November. That can only mean one thing, friends...I am finally starting to feel NORMAL again! It is really hard to plan a menu and cook when nothing sounds good & random things make you queasy.  I think I am almost to the end of that part of pregnancy (fingers crossed) and I am really attempting to stick with our menu this week!

Monday: Oven Baked Fajitas with black beans (this is a tried & true favorite at our house!)
Tuesday: Panko Parmesan crusted chicken, roasted rosemary sweet potatoes, & green beans
Wednesday: Drip Beef Sandwiches & sweet potato fries (Ree Drummond has yet to lead me astray!)
Thursday: Poppyseed Chicken Casserole
Friday: Pizza night with my boys!


Elizabeth said...

I haven't done a meal plan for a few weeks! I am going to have to try those oven baked fajitas!!

Glad you're feeling normal again! :)

Beth Ann said...

Yay for being done with the nausea! That part of pregnancy is no fun! So thankful mine ended after first trimester - can't imagine feeling that way all pregnancy as some do. Will you be finding out boy or girl?

I was just thinking I need to make some white chicken chili! Yum!