Our Playroom Re-Do

We have been in our house for 5 years now & we made some pretty crazy paint decisions when we first got here. We have a huge bonus room space that we use for the playroom that is upstairs in between all of our bedrooms. For some crazy reason we thought a really bright mustard yellow was a great idea 5 years ago. Like I said, we were crazy. Earlier in the fall I was SO sick of the color on our walls, oversized furniture taking up too much room, & unorganized chaos with all the toys. Here is what the room used to look like:
 (well, minus the new couch)
 So! Much! Yellow!
It has been a pretty slow process, but over the past several months we have had the room painted, bought a much smaller couch, mounted the tv, & rearranged all the toy storage. I love how it looks now & how much more space we have!
We finally mounted the tv & had more room for storage. I bought these nice baskets at Target & made some labels (with pictures for the boys) to try and keep the toys organized. These are all toys Griffin uses a lot and I love that he can actually reach them all by himself!
Ben's dad made this awesome toy box with shelves when G was a baby. We love it. I did a major toy clean out after Christmas for the first time ever these shelves are staying organized! 
We have always had this (used to be in my classroom) but it is great for smaller toys. Please notice the photobombing package of Christmas lights in the picture. Keeping it real!
This has become one of my favorite parts of the playroom! I have been holding on to these book jackets for over 3 years and wanted to figure out a way to use them. They are now hanging on a wire curtain rod from Ikea that was super cheap. I love having this "art" on our wall! 

We have a train table but it is rarely used for trains. Right now it is housing a Bat Cave and lots of superhero friends!

This is the best I could with a "most of the room" shot without falling down the stairs. Our big piece of furniture is from Pottery Barn Kids and we love it. It has so much room for storing things and holding the hundreds of books and DVDs we have.
And our old HUGE sectional? sold! We bought this much smaller couch as a replacement and it gives us so much more room to play.  
Here's what I was working with while trying to get the room clean enough for pictures. Ha! Tiny Tornadoes.
We are very happy with this new space, can you tell?!


Stephanie said...

I have book jackets I'm holding onto for the same purpose. I just need the space for them!

melissa said...

It looks great! I just tackled toy organization and it makes me feel 100 times better!

Lizzie @ This Happy Life said...

Looks awesome! I need to do a major overhaul in our playroom!

Amanda @ Our Oklahoma Nest said...

Looks great! Love the book jacket idea!

David and Marci said...

It looks really nice. Would you mind sharing the paint color?

emily said...

Looks great! I love the book art. Such a fun idea.

Anonymous said...

Look awesome!

We have a loft area that is similar to this, and so many people said to us, "What a great playroom area!" and I thought, "What? No way. It's going to be a sitting area," and that's all I ever really pictured it is (other than an area for my photography). HOWEVER...now, after seeing your picture, I LOVE the idea of having a couch, TV (we did put a hook-up out there while designing our house), toys, etc. there to just kind of relax. Hmmmm...

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I love the idea of hanging the book jackets. Might have to copy that one when we do our playroom!

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