Happy Half Birthday, Griff!

Griffin, today is your half birthday. You are one and a half! I can hardly believe that we were celebrating your 1st birthday 6 months ago!
The Stats:
Weight: 21.3lbs (3rd percentile) Dr. Leeper said you are the size of the average 10 month old. No need to worry because you are super healthy!
Height: 31.5 inches (25th percentile)
Clothes: still lots of 12 month clothes & a few 18 month
Diaper: 4
Shoe: 4.5
Here's what's been going on this month:
-I put some books in your bed & that has helped when you wake up. You used to wake up so sad & now you'll turn on your music & read some books!
-You have adopted a new lovey, Mickey Mouse! You found this little Mickey at Walgreen's the other day and had to have it. You have spent the past few days snuggling with Mickey in your crib and giving him hugs. It is so sweet!
-You climb everything in sight. The couch, the bar stools, the tables, all the chairs, the train table, etc. You have zero fear!
-You love to sing. You sing songs from "Rio" all the time & can actually carry a tune! You also sing "dank you, Ga!!!" It's a song Grayson sings from preschool called "Thank you, God."
-You love to be a helper! You bring me your plate when you are finished eating & you always pick up trash when you see it.
Things you are saying:
-dank you (thank you)
-luh you (love you)
-Hey & Hi
- Bah (bye)
-ki ki (kitty)
-ew & yuck
-bebe (what he calls his paci)
-baby (and he knows the ultrasound picture is the baby!)
-see it
You are currently loving:
-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Rio, & Despicable Me
-Peekaboo games on the iPad
-dancing & listening to music
-your new Mickey Mouse
-reading books. You bring me books all day long & want me to read to you!
My sweet Griff. You have such a fun personality. You are a tiny little 1.5 year old but you can definitely hold your own! You are a combination of fearless, wild, & snuggly. One minute you are running around like a crazy boy & the next you are curled up in my lap. The past year and a half have been so fun & you have added such joy to our family. I can't believe YOU will be a big brother in 6 more months! We love you, sweet boy!


Anonymous said...

Sweet boy! Gabe is newly 10 months old, and he's just around 17 lbs. He's also in something like the 5th percentile. I can't believe Griff's a year & a half already!

Jen Watts said...

Oh sweet Griff! You are the cutest!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

What a cutie! Benjamin is a little nugget too. Nothing wrong with that!