Five on Friday

Happy 2014, friends! One of my goals for this year is to get back in the groove of posting regularly. I guess we will start the new year off by doing just that! I'm linking up with Darci & Natasha for Five on Friday.
ONE. So far our year isn't off to the best start. Griffin has been sick since Christmas with what we thought was just a bad cold. I took him to the doctor the day before New Year's Eve & the pediatrician wasn't really concerned since he had not had a fever. Well, of course, the next day he ran a low grade fever all day and then it spiked right when the office closed. Typical, right?! SO, after another sick visit yesterday we determined he may have the flu. Boo. His test came back negative but our doctor said those aren't always accurate. Poor Griffin has been pretty miserable the past few days and I think Grayson is about to lose his mind because we have been cooped up!

TWO. Another goal of mine this year is to read more & watch less tv. My habit lately has been to climb in bed and watch meaningless HGTV or Food Network before I fall asleep. I miss reading! I already have Divergent & plan on starting that soon. What other books do you recommend? I haven't read anything since "Gone Girl" this summer!

THREE. Let's talk weather, shall we? We live in the south. You know, where the winters are usually pretty mild. I can't tell you how many snow days I had growing up in Georgia when they were just predicting snow. It was comical. Apparently Tennessee is not messing around this winter. It has been freezing here! Not only have we been cooped up because of a sick baby brother, but the second you walk outside you are frozen to the core. It doesn't help that our 3 year old only wants to wear basketball shorts and short sleeve t-shirts, either. The high on Monday is 15. That's right, FIFTEEN degrees. I can't even discuss the low. It's time to hibernate until March.
white t-shirt, basketball shorts, & snow boots that are from last year. all day, every day.
FOUR. Speaking of basketball shorts and t-shirts, this has been become a daily all day fight. We have a 12 year old neighbor that G thinks is the coolest person in the world and he wears basketball shorts all year long. Yes, even when it is 23 degrees outside. Since Walker does it, Grayson thinks he should be able to as well. G's current clothing situation is that he loathes jeans and only wants to wear white shirts. What in the world?!?!?! Almost all of his pants are jeans and I rarely buy white shirts because he stains them. You can imagine that this makes it a struggle every single day to get dressed. He has been pitching the biggest fits about his clothes and I am at a loss as to what to do. I mean, he can't wear shorts when it feels like the frozen tundra outside! Toddlers are a strange breed.

FIVE. I'll leave you with one of my favorite Christmas gifts: the Humans of New York book. If you don't follow this account on Instagram, do it. It's my favorite! The book is a collection of the pictures this guy has taken walking the streets of New York--it's just so interesting! 


Shelly Powers said...

When my daughter was that age I started the "mon wed fri" rule.... I picked out her clothes on mom wed fir and she picked out tue thur and sat; we share Sunday I pick out church she picked out after church. Ifshe pitched a fit on my day then I got her day! It worked like a champ! You pick out his school days and let him pick out his home days basically (he doesn't know it works out like that but it did for me) I hope this helps make life easier! He will only freeze going out in shorts once! ;)

Stephanie said...

I'm glad Griffin is feeling better. Connor and I have been fighting something for a week with no end in sight for me, although he seems better today. Praise Jesus. A sick baby is no fun.
And I love Shelly's ideas on how to give in to Grayson without really giving in. Good luck!

Carol said...

I hope Griffin feels better! I am with you on hibernating until March! I have never been a big fan of winter and I have a bad feeling we are in for a rough winter in the south!