So What! Wednesday

I'm back! Well, slowly but surely I am getting back in the swing of things. This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • I can only wash my hair at least every other day now? There. Is. No. Time. 
  • I didn't watch anything but the Olympics while they were on? Now I'm bored. I miss gymnastics!
  • my DVR is so full but I am completely overwhelmed & have no idea what shows to watch first? Seriously. First world problems, much?
  • I have a gazillion pictures of Grayson holding Griffin & they all make me melt?
  • I celebrated surviving my first day alone with both boys with a lime-a-rita?
  • my child has gotten more new things since becoming a big brother than we he turned 1?
  • I already ordered birth announcements but am SO BEHIND on G's 2nd birthday? No invitations, no decorations, not many ideas...oy. 
  • I leave the "don't knock because a baby is sleeping" sign up WAY past naptime most days because I don't want to be bothered? Ha! Seriously. 3 dogs + 2 kids = impossible to answer a door. 
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Savannah said...

I always love your So What posts. No shame with anything that you listed this week - life with two must be a real challenge! :)

Stephanie said...

I wanted to ask what dog collar you went with to help with the barking. I have to invest in one before Connor arrives.

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

Glad you survived! I didn't doubt you one minute!

For the hair...suave dry shampoo. You will LOVE it! I don't wash but...every 4 days. Can you believe that?!?!?! at 3.47 a bottle you can be generous with it!

I need to bring supper! Let me know what night you want it!


Jenna said...

I know what you mean about the Olympics. Honestly, what else is there to do while we're nursing every 5 seconds?! I watched sooo much Olympics too, and now my DVR is exploding with all my other shows. At least we can have things to watch for awhile