Griffin {1 week}

 Our sweet Griffin is actually 1 week old today...but I took these pictures last week:)

The Stats:
Weight: he was 6lbs 15oz when we were discharged from the hospital
Height: 20 1/4 inches
Clothes: newborn -- I am loving the fact that he can wear all the things that G never could! Griffin is a tiny little thing!
Diaper: newborn
 Griffin has been a dream baby so far. {knock on wood} I swear he sleeps approximately 21 hours a day. He really is so different than Grayson as a baby. Grayson was always very alert & awake. Griffin is very sleepy & hardly ever makes a peep. He is sleeping 2-4 hours stretches at night. I can't complain; he goes back down very easily after he eats!

Griffin loves:
  • being swaddled..but he must be able to stretch his legs & move his arms! 
  • the Rock 'n Play sleeper (ha! I had every intention of starting him in his crib from day 1....yeah, that didn't work out!)
  • sleeping
Griffin doesn't like:
  • having his diaper changed or getting his clothes changed. This is pretty much the only time you will hear Griffin actually cry!  
 I don't know if Griffin is just a good eater or if I am just much more relaxed this time, but nursing has been so much better this time.  I remember being in so much pain when I was nursing Grayson & I haven't experienced that. He latched on for an hour the first time I held him & has been a nursing champ ever since. Right now we really don't have a schedule. I'm just feeding on demand. Our biggest issue is usually keeping him awake so he can actually fill up that tiny belly!
I know it has only been a week but it's already hard to remember what life was like before this baby boy! He's such a pretty baby and I could just stare at him all day long.  

We are so happy you are here, Griffin!


Jenna said...

So sweet! I love that our two are so close in age... We can compare notes as they grow! So happy for you that he's nursing so well... And I'm not the least bit jealous ;)

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

He really is so cute! He's just perfect in every way. I can't wait to come and meet him!!!!! And hug you!!!!

Mallorie said...

EC was JUST like Grayson very intense little thing and almost always awake and alert. I really hope our #2 {someday!} is like Griffin! If I had another little EC and had to take care of older EC I would be in a world of trouble! HA!

Griffin is just darling and I have been loving all of the sweet pictures. I can't believe he is a week old already! Is it going by faster with #2?!

Stephanie said...

I am so happy that you've been having the best time with Griffin. I think it's amazing how different a child can be from his or her siblings. Maybe he will be this calm and relaxed throughout life.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

he is just so, so cute. your pictures on instagram are giving me the baby fever something fierce.

the workaholic momma said...

aawww...he is just SO precious!!! Sounds like you are adjusting to life with 2 little ones perfectly:)

Ashleigh Nichole said...

He is so Perfect I just love him! I really love when i see pictures of G holding or kissing Griffin! Its too dang precious & sweet! & I cannot believe he is already a week old :(

L.Caroline said...

Just catching up on all the baby blogs! Congratulations, he is absolutely precious!