Griffin {1 month old}

Griffin, today you are 1 month old! Some days it feels like we were just meeting you for the first time yesterday & other days it is hard to remember life without you in it. This month has definitely flown by!
The stats:
Weight: 9 lbs. You are still 1 ounce smaller than your big brother was at birth! Right now you are in the 30th percentile for weight.
Height: 21 inches
Diaper: you wore newborn diapers for the first 2 1/2 weeks & are now in size 1
Clothes: almost all newborn clothes. A few of your newborn footie pajamas are a little too short but the 3m ones are still pretty big on you! 
please note the pout in this picture. Heaven forbid I take the paci away for a few minutes! Baby boy can already work that lip! 
Eating: Griffin is a great eater! We are still having success with breastfeeding & that makes mama and baby happy. You are just like your brother in the fact that you love to snack. You are nursing every 2 hours during the day but you don't usually eat for very long. At night you are eating every 3-4 hours.  We have given you a bottle a couple of times & you have only taken a few ounces. I'm so curious to know how much you are taking in, but, you're gaining weight so I'm not worried!

Sleep: You are still in that sleepy newborn phase that we never experienced with your big brother. You sleep most of the day with little wakeful periods here & there that last maybe 30 minutes. During the day you either nap in your Rock 'n Play sleeper, in my arms, or in my baby carrier. You still aren't a wonderful night time sleeper. That seems to be when you have tummy problems. You will usually sleep half the night in your Rock 'n Play sleeper & the other half in bed with us. You are such a snuggler & love being near your mama to sleep! You do not like to be swaddled & love to have your arms free. 

Right now you are loving...
  • bath time! As soon as you are in your baby tub you get all relaxed. You almost fall asleep! We have given you and Grayson baths together a few times and he thinks it's fun to help bathe you. Y'all will have a blast in the tub once you get bigger!
  • being in the Baby K'Tan. You love to be worn. As soon as I put you in the sling you calm down & usually fall right to sleep. This makes my life so much easier! 
  • being held. You are definitely a snuggly baby! 
  • your paci. For this I am thankful. (remind me of this in 2ish years, okay?) 
Right now you are NOT loving...
  • your carseat. This tends to be an issue considering Grayson & I like to go places. You scream in the car about 75% of the time. Hopefully you will grow out of that?!
  • laying flat to sleep. We tried you in your pack 'n play a few times & you were not a fan. You love that incline on the Rock 'n Play sleeper!
  • having your diaper or clothes changed. This is pretty much the only time when you scream. You kick like a wild man when we are changing your diaper! 
 Griffin, right now you seem SO opposite from your brother. You are really laid back & just go with the flow. Nothing really seems to bother you...not the crazy dogs barking or the toddler brother screeching. I often wonder if your personality will stay this way as you get older. We'll see!

You have had some tummy issues this month. I took you to the pediatrician when you were 3 weeks old & just like your brother, you have acid reflux. Prevacid seems to be helping & thankfully it doesn't seem as bad as Grayson's! You are a super gassy baby & have tummy aches mostly late at night. You act so miserable & it makes me so sad! I know it's probably just because your are so young...I hope you grow out of that soon!
Sweet baby Griffin, you are such a perfect addition to our family. I could sit on the couch all day long and just snuggle you. You are already growing up too fast! We love you!

Happy 1 month birthday, Griffin!


Crystal Seed said...

He is just so stinkin cute!!! I can't believe it's already been a month! He's so tiny, yet he's getting soooooo big!!!

Anonymous said...

A month old already! He's such a sweetie. :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

i cannot even believe he's a month old already. these kids need to slow it down!!

emily said...

He is so handsome. I can't believe he's a month already!

[dianegatorfan] said...

Happy One Month Birthday, Griffin! You are so precious!! I can't wait to meet you!

Lynsey said...

How is this sweet boy already a month old?? He is simply adorable.

Amanda @ Our Oklahoma Nest said...

I can't believe he's already a month old!! He's a cutie pie!

Becca said...

He is so sweet! I can't believe he's already 1 month old!

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