True Life: I'm a mom of 2 under 2.

I'll be honest, this whole "2 under 2" thing is no joke. I thought the transition from a married couple to a 1 kid family was really easy. I felt like it came really naturally to me & I assumed that is how it would be when Griffin arrived.  It would be pretty easy, right?

Insert crazy laughter. EASY?! ha! 

It's not easy, friends. Here are some things I've picked up on pretty quickly since becoming the mama of 2 young boys:

  • I will probably only get to wash my hair 3 days a week. I wish I was kidding. Between nursing, wrangling a toddler, & keeping both children breathing? There is barely enough time just to bathe in the shower, let alone wash & then dry my hair. 
  • Getting somewhere on time with 2 small children is IMPOSSIBLE. Seriously. It is ridiculous how much crap these little people require when we go somewhere. 
  • As soon as I want to sit down & eat a meal, the baby will be hungry.  It's like a weird sixth sense newborns have. Literally, as soon as food gets put on my placemat, Griffin starts stirring. Never fails. I suppose that PLUS re-joining Weight Watchers will be a great diet plan. 
  • The age of two just might kill me. Or at the very least send me to the looney bin. My friend Lynsey also just reminded me that when our current toddlers are finally moving out of this lovely stage, our 2nd babies will just be reaching it!
  • You have to know how to multitask like a champ. One of the many multitasking situations I have experienced: nursing Griffin while helping G play a game on the iPad while kicking Jack's tennis ball.
  • When it is time for Grayson to take a bath & get ready for bed & Ben is working late, Griffin will be fussy & hungry. You know, because it is super easy to get a toddler ready for bed while breastfeeding. Again, this brings in that multitasking thing. 
  • My house will have TONS of piles of clean & dirty laundry. Usually I can manage to get the clothes washed. It's the putting away part that I feel I never get a chance to do. We may be living out of laundry baskets for the next few weeks. 
  • and last but not least, everything you said you would ABSOLUTELY do with your 2nd child? Well, just go ahead and throw that list out the window. My child who I swore would be in his own crib from day 1 is currently cosleeping with us.  oy.

The stage we are currently in is one I like to call "survival mode." We are doing whatever works & I keep telling myself that if I have made it through the day with both children breathing, I've done my job.  I wouldn't change this stage for anything--okay, maybe I would remove the 2 year old tantrums, but that's it! Maybe someday we will get into a real routine & I'll be able to say "I've got this."  Maybe someday it will feel easy. But, geez, please know that at my 6 week postpartum OB appointment I will be discussing birth control.


Stephanie said...

I am totally amazed by Moms that have children so close together. I'm determined to have just one and so far, James is one board with it. You seem to do it all so easily though. Your posts and pictures on IG don't show a bit of the tantrums or the whiny Griffin. Laura, I think you are doing a great job, dirty hair and all :)

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

I don't know how you're doing it. Some days I feel so frazzled by the end of the day WITH JUST 1. You're super woman to me!

Don't worry about the hair. I don't wash mine but every 3-4 days too. Getcha some dry shampoo next time you run to TarJay!


Lindsay said...

I second the dry shampoo! Have you thought about trying Moms On Call? I've heard great things about them! Anywho, you got this girl. You're doing great!

Jen Watts said...

Yes, yes, yes to all of this!! Thank goodness for texting other moms with 2 under 2 to know we're not alone!

[dianegatorfan] said...

Girl, everything you wrote brings back memories of having just one. I can't imagine two! I'm sure you're doing a fabulous job, mama!

And what's with Griffin's sixth sense? I used to gripe about that when Rhys was a newborn. I blamed it on the food smelling so yummy - no wonder the babe was hungry!

Hugs to you and those sweet boys. If you ever need a play date for Grayson so you can get some solo baby time, I'm sure Rhys would love to make a new friend!

Happiness Is... said...

Oh boy! I need to relish the next 15 weeks, huh? You are doing an amazing job, though!! Really! And your boys think you hung the moon :)