So What! Wednesday

As always, I am linking up with Shannon at Life After I Dew for a little So What! Wednesday! 

This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • I am kind of glad I had to stay home this morning with a feverish boy so that I could get stuff done while he napped. Note: not happy about a sick baby but happy about a cleanish house!
  • I have already purchased 3 pumpkins, have plans to purchase more, and it is still only September.
  • I am still annoyed by the new "rear-facing until 2" recommendation for carseats. I will do it. BUT, I will not be happy about it. (and neither will G)
  • I am watching The New Girl even though I don't find it very funny. I really want it to be awesome just because I love Zooey Deschanel. I'll keep trying.
  • I tuck my 2 big dogs into {their} bed every night. Yep. I'm that fur mama.
  • I have a sewing machine & can't sew. 
  • it drives me CRAZY that our neighbors park their cars in front of our house all day/all night. I know I don't own the street but in the words on Bon Qui Qui...RUDE! oh, btw? Their driveway is empty. 
  • I'm afraid to get G a haircut even though he needs one bad. I know those baby curls will be gone forever when they get chopped!
What are you saying "so what" to this week??


A Wedding Story said...

I don't like the rear facing recommendation! Who is recommending it, the safety car seat people?

Shelli said...

My pediatrician said evenwith the new 2 year rule - they also go by height and weight. I don't want Kendall's knees to her ears!! I feel the sane way about The New Girl. The humor is forced and is it just me or disgust totally switch out one of the actors???

The Guff said...

hm. maybe you could start having your friends park in their empty driveway ? it's kind of the same thing. Or you could get these: http://pinterest.com/pin/27926361/

Courtney said...

Be very sure you want to get his hair cut! My little boy is 11 months and I got it cut yesterday and have cried all morning because I wanted his hair back! It was a big mistake, for me anyway!

Unknown said...

oh I feel the same way about The New Girl . . . really sad that it's not funnier!

melissa said...

I haven't watched New Girl yet, it's sitting on my DVR. I'm bummed to hear it's not better but I haven't heard many good reviews. And I love that you've already got pumpkins. SO fun!

The Anderson Family said...

You are one of 3,576,938 people with a sewing machine that can't sew...yet! Since Grayson goes to bed so early, maybe it would be best if I came over to your house for a sewing lesson. Scott can put Reed to bed. We can do it on a night that Ben is working, so he doesn't feel left out. Ha!
My next door neighbors have 6 people, 4 dogs, 4 cars. It is like a zoo over there! The daughter and her family are "temporarily" living there (over a year so far!). All of their crap is in the garage, so they have to park all 4 cars in the driveway. They were parking them on the street and got talked to by the HOA. Now, their huge cars block my sight when I leave the house and I am in constant fear of pulling out in front of someone. RUDE!