Blog Challenge - a place I want to visit!

If I could visit once place it would be the home of these tasty little nuggets known as falafels...GREECE!

I love all of the colors when I see pictures from Greece. It's beautiful!

Ever since I saw "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" I have wanted to go to Greece. Really, I would just love to travel throughout Europe! Where would you go??

Go visit Kristy @ I Heart Hicks (btw, why can't I add a link anymore?! it isn't working! help!) to check out the blog challenge!


Kristy said...


I like the way your face looks! ;o) I have no idea why your links are busted!

Elle The Heiress said...

I come from a family that loves to travel so I've been fortunate enough to have already seen many countries; however, I really still want to visit Australia & Sweden, and go on an Alaskan cruise.

Jen Watts said...

Take me take me!!! Would love to go to Greece!

DenimJunkie said...

I think I could eat Greek food everyday. No joke. YUM

Amy said...

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is my total inspiration for wanting to visit Greece!! I want to go there and ride a donkey to my (non-existent) Greek Grandmothers house!

Kimberley said...

i think of that movie every time i see greece pictures! i would love to go too!