So What! Wednesday (on a Thursday)

I am SO GLAD that my fellow blogger friend is back to doing her So What! Wednesday posts. It's been a couple years since I did a So What! post but I think I will bring it back...for this week at least;) I can't guarantee anything since I feel like I barely have time to sleep!
This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

...it is actually Thursday now? I did start this post on Wednesday night, so that counts for something, right?!
...I can ONLY listen to rap while I work out? I have tried to watch Full House on the elliptical. I have tried to listen to Luke Bryan. I have even tried to listen to Justin! But, alas, my favorite gym Pandora station is 2000s  hip hop. Old habits die hard.
...my house is never clean? I have just come to the realization that my house will be clean in about 16 years. 
...I get busted all the time for throwing away kid art? All. the. time. I promise I do keep some, but I can't ALL THE THINGS.
...a combination of Trump and Target bathroom issues have led to me unfollowing have of my facebook feed? My brain just doesn't have it in me.
...I over-document my kids? I just love their guts and want to remember these stages!
...I have to drink water ALL DAY LONG in order to not want a Diet Coke? Giving it up has been easier than I expected, but I am literally chugging water all day.
...all I wear 80% of the time is work out clothes?
Whew. That felt good. Happy hump day. friends!

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Sarah said...

Omg I get caught throwing art away too! I feel terrible but I do not need to keep everything he brings home...and it's like 5 things every day! 🙈