jam packed weekend fun

Our weekends have been so busy (in a fun way!) since baseball season started again. We always have games on Saturday mornings for Grayson & now Ben is helping coach our friends 7 year old team. Grayson gets to practice and hang out with the bigger boys & he thinks that is the greatest thing ever!
I feel like I live for the weekends & I love soaking up our family time. This weekend was so different. It was busy & fun and I am wishing we had just one more day to enjoy it!
We started our Saturday off at the ball field to watch Grayson. My friend, Laura, gave us this wagon and I am obsessed. These two loved it! We were there for over 2 hours & the littles were troopers. Grayson got some great hits with his new "big kid" bat & Cheney and Griffin ran around playing with friends. Being a baseball sibling isn't always so bad!
This weekend was also Franklin's Main Street Festival.  We made Cheney skip her nap so we could go downtown and walk around.
This little girl loves to walk everywhere now. She thinks she is way too big to be carried around. We hear "no walk!" all the time!
We walked around and ended up mostly just hanging out in the kids area. The boys played in the bounce houses and Cheney played in a ball pit. I hosed her down with sanitizer afterwards. (kidding. kind of) But, the very best part of their day came when Griffin and Cheney rode on the ponies! Griffin has always wanted to do pony rides, but he gets nervous at the last minute. Cheney lives for horses. She is downright obsessed. She immediately starts yelling "NEIGH!" when we see them. They both decided to ride & Griffy was so proud of himself for actually doing it!
Look at those faces! PURE JOY. I am pretty sure they will both be getting a pony for their 4th and 2nd birthdays. How can I say no to those faces?! ha!
We spent the majority of our time outside this weekend which is just how we like it. We played, planted some veggies, did yard work, & ended with ice cream for dinner tonight.
I love my little family. We can't wait for summer! 

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