New House Tour: Cheney's room

Cheney's room got a little facelift over spring break courtesy of her daddy! When we moved in to our house it needed mostly just cosmetic work. Paint has been the biggest thing & we've been tackling it room by room! Here are the before pictures of Cheney's room:

Her room (and most other rooms) was a yellowish tan that was really blah. Her blackout curtains are usually closed and the wall color made it feel so dark all the time. I wanted something bright & airy! Her old room was gray & we loved it.
I tested a few different colors and settled on Behr's Silver Bullet. It is lighter than her old room & I knew it would brighten everything up!

My trusty assistant, as always! This was right after she discovered a tub of Vicks baby rub and covered herself in it. She smelled like a eucalyptus plant!
I love this room now!

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