Menu Monday

Well, I think Cheney's plague has finally passed. She has been quarantined all weekend so that she wouldn't catch anything else! I feel like my brain isn't working after the doozy of last week so our menu is super simple. Speaking of brain not working, I drove all the to Aldi with the boys yesterday with an expired debit card. Big fat oops. Ben had to come to my rescue. Adulting is hard, y'all.
Monday: Oven fried chicken, baked sweet potatoes, & broccoli
Tuesday: BBQ Chicken pizzas (these are our favorite!) Using tortillas as crust is the best cheat way to get thin crust at home!
Wednesday: Orange chicken, fried rice (I will post my recipe below. It is super easy!), & steamed broccoli
Thursday: Chicken cutlets with brown gravy, mashed potatoes, & peas
Friday: Tacos
Saturday: out!
My at-home fried rice recipe:
1 boil-in-a-bag white rice
1 cup frozen mixed veggies
1 tbs sesame oil
soy sauce
2 eggs, scrambled
Prepare the rice as usual & set aside. Heat up the sesame oil in a skillet and sauté the veggies for a couple of minutes. Add in rice. Add a few shakes of soy sauce. I don't measure, I think it all depends on how you like it. Just taste & add! Make a well in the rice and add the scrambled eggs. Stir around quickly until well mixed. That's it! 

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