Cheney: 18 months old

Our Cheney girl is 18 months old! I want to freeze time and remember her exactly like this. I was so good about doing monthly updates on the boys each month until they turned two. I haven't been so good with Cheney. But, 18 months is a pretty big milestone. Halfway to TWO. Can't even believe it!
Cheney is almost 21 pounds and 33in tall. She just moved into a size 5.5 shoe and wears all 18 month clothes. She's our tall, leggy girl! Her hair is starting to grow pretty fast & she's developing the awkward baby mullet. She has the prettiest blonde hair and even some curls in the back!
I am LOVING watching Cheney's big personality develop. She knows what she wants, when she wants it. She can Hulk smash with her brothers but also loves to wear her shiny red shoes and pick out bows. Right now Cheney loves babies. Real babies; not her dolls. She will play with her dolls & actually likes being "Dr. Cheney" and checking on them. But a real baby?? SHE IS OBSESSED. Hearing her say the word "bay-bee" is the cutest!
 Our girl LOVES being outside. She loves playing in the cul-de-sac, going down her slide, exploring the backyard, & jumping on the trampoline. She loves her rocking giraffe, coloring, looking at books, & her pretend makeup. She is fast, mischievous, funny, & a really good climber! Cheney is also obsessed with animals! Dogs are her favorite but she loves reading books with animals in them. We've been practicing lots of animal sounds! She loves going to church and school & I think praise and music are her favorites. I love watching her dance & clap to all the music!
 Cheney's vocabulary has exploded recently! She is saying: Daddy, Mama, Bubba (Grayson), Gugga (Griffin), Huddy, Ellie, Jack, pink, bowl, shoes, bow, Nana, Mimi, ball, dog, choo choo, baby, thank you, night night, & yummy. I'm sure there are more, but those are the frequent words. I feel like she is learning new words every day!

I can't imagine our family without this sweet little girl. It's been 18 month and her brothers are still just as smitten by her. Cheney has the best little personality & I love watching her learn new things every day. I am so blessed that I get to be her mama! Happy HALF BIRTHDAY, Cheney girl. We love you SO much! 

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