an update

The past week and a half have been so hard to process because everything has happened so fast. My mom had her surgery last Monday to remove the spot on her lung. She was expecting to be in the hospital for 3-4 days, but her recovery went so well that she was able to go home the next afternoon! She is doing great; still sore, still resting, but doing great. We had to wait until Thursday to get the results back from pathology. That seemed like the longest part of it. Thursday afternoon I got the best call ever...her doctor had been able to remove ALL the cancer & it had not spread! No chemo, no radiation...she is all done and cancer free! I can't even tell you how thankful I am! I hated that I couldn't be there during the week since Cheney was so sick, but I did make a quick trip home over the weekend. I had to see my mom with my own eyes and give her a hug!
While my mom was prepping for surgery, I was at the pediatrician's office again with our girl. She had a 102-104 fever all last weekend & was so miserable. We finally figured out that she had a yucky UTI and tonsillitis. No wonder she was so miserable! We switched her meds and by the end of the week she was feeling better.
That is, until Monday. When she started throwing up. SO, basically we were back at square one. Sick again. Over the last 5 weeks Cheney has had 3 fever viruses (we think they are viral) & 3 stomach bugs. She hasn't had one whole week where she has stayed healthy & she really has not been around many kids other than the boys.  My gut has been telling me that something is off & I was so relieved when our pediatrician called yesterday and referred us to Vanderbilt. We will see a specialist in 2 weeks to figure out why Cheney is getting sick so often & make sure it is nothing serious.  Maybe it is just a string of bad luck, but I will be happy to have another set of skilled eyes look at her blood work!
So, that's where we are! Hopefully we can keep this baby healthy & get some answers soon. Thanks for all of your prayers & encouragement! I've got to give this girl lots of credit. She has been so sick but she still has the sweetest little personality! Cheney is the toughest girl I know. We love this sweet baby of ours!


Dawn said...

Praise that they were able to remove all of your mom's cancer! Will continue to keep her in my prayers and for your sweet girl that she would feel better and stay healthy!! You're a great mom!

Four Lease Ranch said...

Yay for your mom!! And boo for Cheney. :( I hope it's just a string of bad luck but I'm glad you are getting it checked out.