Friday Ramblings

If you feel like my blog has been lacking, you know, actual content, you are correct. I am at that stage in pregnancy where all I can think about is either BABY, BABY, BABY or "omg, I only have 2 1/2 weeks left with only my boys!!" Also? I am not nearly as daring this time around at the end of pregnancy. I took Grayson to the park pretty much every day until Griffin was born. Now we play in the front yard or at the pool...and that's perfectly fine with them! So, while I feel like I am constantly doing something, I don't really have too much to share.
The other day we went to a berry farm with some friends to pick blackberries & blueberries. Griffin loves food of all kinds (duh) & I am pretty sure he thought picking his own blueberries was a sport. He ate tons.  When I took the basket away he just started eating them straight off the bush. It was all fun and games until it later led to a tummy ache & yucky diapers. When Griffin gets yucky diapers, he gets the diaper rash from hell. It. Is. Awful.  He was pitiful for a couple days until he was all healed. Note to self: don't let your (almost) 2 year old eat a pound of blueberries in one sitting!
Remember that time our boys shared a bedroom? I even posted about it here. Well, friends, that time has come to an end.  I am throwing in the towel after a solid 2 months of trying to make it work. Between Griffin waking up for no reason some nights, G having random night terrors, taking forever to get them both asleep at night, AND Griff constantly waking Grayson up before the roosters....we are DONE. I just don't feel like dealing with it anymore; especially with a new baby set to make her arrival in 19 (eeeeeeeek!) days! So, it was fun while it lasted. Griffin will keep the completed room & Grayson is moving in to the guest room. I have already found bedding for him & will try my hardest to make it his room before Cheney's arrival.  Because, really, we have nothing else going on. Ha! I'm sure they will have slumber parties sometimes in the same room, but I think they are just too young to share full-time. Either that or I appreciate my sleep too much.

I have no other thoughts on this Friday except that this guy is THIRTY YEARS OLD today! That means Ben and I have now known each other for a decade....which seems insane. Happy birthday to our favorite guy!!


Carol said...

Girl I would have thrown in the towel a month ago! You should be proud for trying as hard as you did to make it work. I know Grayson will love his room! Enjoy these last few weeks Momma!

melissa said...

Sounds like you gave it a go - I'd have thrown in the towel too. Sleep is just too precious! Like you said, one day I'm sure it will work out.