37 weeks with Cheney

How far along?: 37 weeks--hello, full term!!

How big is your baby?: a watermelon. She feels about the size of a watermelon, too.
Total weight gain: holding steady around 18lbs! I actually lost almost a whole pound last week. I almost fist bumped the nurse I was so excited.

Sex: sweet baby GIRL--Cheney Katherine
Maternity clothes: I literally have about 3 outfits that I rotate. Shirts are getting too short & capris are getting too hot.
  Sleep: I am thinking I will sleep better when the baby is actually on the outside. I am just so uncomfortable & hot. I'm too the point where she feels like she is clawing her way out & that there is a cinder block on my chest.
Symptoms: With this week came the AWFUL heart burn. It was really bad with Grayson and is about the same now with Cheney. Middle of the night is the worst.  I'm also feeling so much pressure. So. Much. Pressure.
Movement: Well, we are running out of room & girl loves to move. I have been really lopsided lately as she flips around. She is SO STRONG.
Best moment this week: The nursery is COMPLETE!! Bassinet & changing area has been set up in our bedroom. My bag is kind of packed minus things I still need out. Just need to install a carseat and we are ready!!
Food cravings: Literally all I still want is watermelon. I have zero appetite.

Belly button in or out: Out.
Labor Signs: still having contractions here and there but nothing consistent. Won't get "checked" again until 38 weeks. It's all a waiting game at this point to see if she sticks to her schedule & let's face it: girls are rarely early.
What I miss: I hate to say this but I am going to say it...I am so ready to NOT be pregnant and actually get to hold this sweet baby. 3rd pregnancy is no joke. I'm pretty miserable.  
What I'm looking forward to: Griffy's birthday party is on Saturday! So excited to see his face when he realizes we will have a bounce house at our house for him!