A Party for Griff

Well, it is officially Griffin's birthday week! I am having such a hard time believing that our current BABY is almost TWO. We celebrated our sweet blondie on Saturday afternoon with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/bounce house party! We kept it pretty simple & low-key but he had a great time!
We rented a Disney bounce house because we knew Griff would flip if Mickey Mouse was on it! The party was from 4:00-6:00 but we actually had the bounce house all day.  The boys loved it & are probably wishing we always had a bounce house in our yard! It was a great energy burner! Being a thousand weeks pregnant, I wanted to keep this party as Pinterest-free as possible and it made it so much less stressful. We had a few Mickey decorations, balloons, pizzas, chips, fruit, & a Mickey Mouse cake. Easiest party food ever! I'll let the pictures do the talking, but it was a fun (and super hot) afternoon celebrating our almost 2 year old!

Can't believe there will be a new little person in our family picture next week! 

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Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Griffin! I've enjoyed watching you grow and I can't wait to see YOU as a BIG BROTHER!