35 weeks with Cheney

How far along?: 35 weeks...we are officially at the LESS than a month countdown!

How big is your baby?: the size of a cantaloupe. Roughly 5lbs! I'm starting to get so curious about how big she will be!
Total weight gain: up 16lbs total

Sex: sweet baby GIRL--Cheney Katherine
Maternity clothes: Skirts & my Old Navy workout capris are my favorite right now because they don't have the annoyingly hot spandex panel.
  Sleep: We are sleeping through the night. ALL THE PEOPLE SAID "AMEN!" But, seriously, sleep is a beautiful thing. Let's pretend that I don't have to have a fan blowing inches away from me & I don't toss and turn all night from hip/back pain.
Symptoms: holy moly!! I had my first awful bout of sciatic nerve pain for a few days this week. OUCH. Thankfully Miss C seems to have shifted because it hurt so bad to move. Movement is pretty key when taking care of small children. So thankful my back feels better!
Movement: I think she has been practicing her high kicks. She has some super strong movements! Grayson & Griffin had fun feeling her shake around the other day before naps while we were reading books.  
Best moment this week: The nursery is THIS CLOSE to being ready. I have to get some things hung on the walls & finish washing a few things, but otherwise it is ready! Every time I see that big pink monogram on the wall I get giddy.
Food cravings: Watermelon still & really just fresh fruit. I am not really hungry for real food other than fruit. Drinking tons of water, too.

Belly button in or out: Out. Womp, womp, womp.
Labor Signs: LOTS of Braxton Hicks contractions. My stomach has been rock hard a lot.
What I miss: I am so, so ready for regular clothes that fit.
What I'm looking forward to: Having the nursery DONE & prepping for Griff's 2nd birthday!


Amy said...

I have that maternity shirt in green and I wear it pretty much every other day (or, really, every day). It's one of my few sleeveless shirts and I just don't want to buy anymore. I always get compliments, though! I love the yellow!

Jen Watts said...

Looking good! Not much longer momma!