Disney World: Day 5 & Trip Details

We decided that our last full day in Disney World should be spent at the Magic Kingdom. Honestly, I think we could have spent 4 full days at the Magic Kingdom and had a ton of fun. There is just so much to do!
I had to do the typical family pose in front of the castle & I wanted to make sure we did it first thing in the morning while it was still nice outside. Of course it was super windy that morning. Ha!
 We loved having Mimi and Pops there with us. It was so nice having help & the boys loved spending the week with them!

We started off our day riding Grayson's 2 favorite rides before the lines got too long: Peter Pan & It's a Small World. He loved them both! It was so fun watching his face light up even though those rides are so simple. It was magical for him!

 The crew rode the teapots next. I happily sat those out. I figured Cheney probably didn't need to spin around super fast in a cup!
 G's 3rd favorite ride was next: Buzz Lightyear. Grayson loved this ride because he got to shoot the laser. Griffin just liked making our space ship spin around!
We used one of our fast passes our last day for the Jungle Book's Jungle Cruise. It was pretty fun despite the fact that it was SO hot out! I preferred the cool air conditioned rides by this point in the week!
It was pretty cute to see all the "animals" in the water. The boys enjoyed it!

 We had to do one more round on the giant carousel while the line was short! I swear it instantly aged Griffin. He looked like such a big boy!
 We headed over to the pirate area next. We got to watch the parade of little boys who had been dressed up like pirates & had their faces painted. Jack Sparrow even made an appearance!
Pirates of the Caribbean was my kind of ride. LOTS of air conditioning:) Grayson loved this ride & really wanted to have a pirate sword when we walked out.
We wanted to make sure we ended our day semi-early (around 5pm) so the boys could go to bed at a normal time. {side note: Griffy had his first episode of night terrors on our trip most likely due to exhaustion and lack of routine. It scared the crap out of me. Hence, the early bed time on our last night}
Anyway, we let G pick the last ride of the day and he said he wanted to ride on Buzz again! He really had his heart set on beating Pops with the laser. Ha! Well, lucky for them, we got stuck on the ride for like 15 minutes and Ben got so many points he literally maxed out the score. It was his proudest moment aside from seeing the birth of his boys. I'm kidding--kind of. Also, being stuck on a ride with a very antsy almost 2 year old is a real work out! Griffin wasn't a fan of not being able to get out of our space ship.

Our timing was perfect because as we were leaving we got to see the huge Street Party parade! It was so fun! We had really wanted to see the Electric Parade but after Griffin's night terrors we decided to save that for the next trip. These boy were wiped out every night!

Each boy got one present from us & one from Mimi and Pops on our trip. We kept asking Griffin every day if he had found a "prize" to take home. This boy has a fierce love for his stuffed animals & he just couldn't make up his mind until our last night! He got a huge Mickey from Mimi and Pops but finally settled on a big "Duckie" from us. I wish y'all could see his bed right now. It looks like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse exploded all around him! He was so excited.

This is what 9-10 hours at the Magic Kingdom looks like. Hot & exhausted. But so worth it!!!
This trip was such a great week. I never understood people who went to Disney all the time but now I get it. Taking our boys at this age was such a great experience. Watching them experience everything was so much fun. Everything was real to them & so magical!
We booked our trip through a Disney travel agent. We didn't have to pay her anything because she gets commission from Disney & she was so helpful! I'm happy to recommend her if anyone needs an agent! I'm not sure I will need to use an agent on our next trip but since we had not been since we were little, I had a gazillion questions. It was so nice to be able to call or email Kathy with all of my questions.
I brought our umbrella stroller for the airport but rented a City Mini Double for our trip. I used the Apple Stroller rental company in Orlando. It was $7/day & they had it dropped off at our resort when we got there. Griffin hates strollers but it was really nice when the boys napped! It was also great to carry all of our things. I had a diaper bag & back pack each day at the parks and it was more than enough room to hold everything!
The two things I bought for the trip that came in most handy were my squirt bottle fan & Brita water bottle. I'm not a huge fan of Florida water & my biggest worry being pregnant was staying hydrated. I bought the biggest Brita water bottle at Target, filled it with ice and a little water every morning at our resort, & brought it with us. I also filled it up all day long at water fountains & asked for cups of ice at our frequent lunch/snack stops. It worked perfectly! I would definitely recommend that; I didn't have to buy one single (expensive) bottle of water while we were there.
We decided to do the Dining Plus meal plan and it worked out great for us. This gave us one sit down meal, a quick service meal, & one snack every day. We had some snacks left over on the last day but we just stocked up at our resort for the our trip home!
Our room at Art of Animation was also great for us. We got a suite so that we could have some privacy once the kids went to bed. Grayson used the sofa bed & Griffin used the murphy bed. It was also really nice having 2 bathrooms & a small kitchen. We got a lot of use out of our mini fridge!  The whole resort was so much fun and perfect for kids. Next time I would like to work in some time for the pool. They had some awesome pools that we never even got to go in!
Overall, our week was great. The only big thing we would change would be to spend 1 more day at the Magic Kingdom. There just wasn't nearly as much for little kids at Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom. Oh, I would also vote to go when it wasn't so hot. I know it could have been much worse, but those last 2 days were rough! We are already excited for our next trip! We'll have to take Cheney before she turns 3!


Lizzie @ This Happy Life said...

The trip sounds awesome and you are a champ for doing it while pregnant, I honestly can't even imagine! Thank you for the tips, I will definitely be using some! We are going to Disney next year and I'm a little nervous since we will have 3 little ones and only me and the hubs but I'm also REALLY excited! :)

Amber said...

WE just booked our trip to take Abby for the first time at the end of September and your posts have made me even more excited than I already was (didn't think that was possible)!

Stephanie said...

It looks like you ya'll had a blast! I want to take C but am uncertain of what age would be ideal? Do you have any thoughts?

Sarah said...

Happy y'all had a great trip but you missed out on some of the best restaurants and things to do for little kids. Next time you should let me help you with your trip :)

Andie said...

We learned so much for our next trip- like don't plan too much for a given day, order grocery delivery for beer and breakfast goodies so you can enjoy GOOD snacks, do MK early in the morning, leave by lunchtime and then go back in the evening, and apparently the week after we got back was the best time to go because there were no crowds last week! LOL

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