29 weeks with Cheney

How far along?: 29 weeks...TEN weeks left!

How big is your baby?: the size of a small cabbage
Total weight gain: up 10lbs total

Sex: sweet baby GIRL--Cheney Katherine
Maternity clothes: I got to wear my maternity bathing suit this week. I know you're jealous.
  Sleep: oooohhhh sleep. Story of our life, that depends on Griffin.
Symptoms: I've actually been feeling pretty good this week! Ben makes fun of me because if I walk more than 8 steps I am completely out of breath. Going up our stairs wipes me out. Isn't that pitiful??
Movement: She moves all the time! Grayson actually felt her for the first time on Sunday at church. I love baby kicks so much. It's such an amazing feeling!
Best moment this week: Cheney has a room! I repeat, Cheney has a ROOM! We painted it the perfect shade of gray over the long weekend and I even refinished an armoire for the nursery. SO, the walls are painted, furniture is in place, and her bedding is actually in the crib. Now, to decorate! Oh, and in even bigger news: Ben started his NEW job! More on that later this week:)
Food cravings: watermelon! Griff and I accidentally ate half a watermelon for lunch on Monday. oops.

Belly button in or out: we are to the flat stage.
What I miss: a Blue Moon. I do miss those.
What I'm looking forward to: Organizing all the baby clothes we have & decorating her room. We have some fun things arriving in the mail in the next couple of weeks!


Mateya said...

Oh I miss Blue Moon too! Especially in these warm temps :(

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Oh I miss Blue Moon so much!! Who would've thought how badly a summer night would make me crave those!!!