School's Out for Summer!

Well, Grayson officially has another year of preschool under his belt! He finished up his 3 year old preschool year last Tuesday with a pizza party at school. I can't believe he has done 2 years of school at our church!
Oh, the difference a year makes. Grayson has grown up so much since early September!
G had a great school year. He started off in the younger 3's room & then moved up to the older 3's room over the winter. We were a little nervous about how he would adjust, but he did great! His new class ended up being a perfect fit & it even had a few friends from his class last year. I feel like this new group was more on his level & he seemed to be more challenged.
 Grayson and Mrs. Jennifer
Grayson & Mrs. Amy
We will miss these teachers next year! Grayson keeps asking me when he goes back to school. We are excited for a laid back summer, but I know he will miss his school routine. His favorite thing about this school year was Praise every Tuesday morning. All the kids went to the children's worship room every Tuesday and had prayer & praise time with Mrs. Emily (their amazing music teacher). He loved it! I loved it, too. He sings his praise songs at home all the time & it is the sweetest sound.
I can't believe another year is over. I am thankful we still have 2 more years of preschool before we have to send this boy to kindergarten! It's hard to believe that Griffin will be joining Grayson next year at preschool. Until then, we will soak up these lazy summer days!