Griffin is 21 months old!

Griffin, you are 21 months old!
Here are your stats:
Weight: 21lbs
Height: 32in
Clothes: some 12 month & some 18 month
Diaper: size 5
Shoes: size 5
Here's what has been going on this month:
-You are talking SO much. It is crazy how much you can say now!
-You are obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You can do the "role call" & name all the characters. You also love to sing "hot dog diggy dog!"
-You are actually really excited about going to Disney World next week! I didn't think you would get it at all since you are still so young, but you understand that you will be flying on a plane & seeing your favorite characters! When we ask you who you will meet you tell us: "Gickey (mickey), Oofy (Goofy), Duckie (Donald), & Buzz!"
-You are a stuffed animal hoarder (as seen in these pictures). You want to sleep with ALL of your animals, all the time. Mickey, Goofy, & Rio are your favorites.
-You are sleeping in a toddler bed now! We moved you last week & you are doing great. Next up? Moving to the twin bed in the shared bedroom!
-You despise being dirty. You go through about 3 napkins during every meal because you wipe yourself off in between every bite! You also hand sand on your feet & having a runny nose. You always wipe your own nose with a tissue!
Can we discuss this face? SUCH A HAM. I just want to squeeze him all day long.
New words you are saying:
-mean (not our favorite)
-fraffe (giraffe)
-lots of animal sounds
-mawn mower (lawn mower--typical!!)
-up high
-smoovie (smoothie)
-starting to form some short sentences
-Boppy (for Poppy)
-Bops (for Pops)
The closer you get to 2, the more independent you become! I'm glad you are still really petite because it makes you seem more like a baby to me! You keep us laughing all day long. You & Grayson are so silly together and almost have your own language. You two have so much fun together most of the time & we love watching y'all play so well together. Griff, you are such a strong-willed little boy & make sure we know what you want exactly when you want it! It is so much fun watching you grow up & learn new things every day. We love you, little Griff!

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