27 weeks with Cheney

 The above picture was taken at 26 weeks while in Disney!
Isn't it crazy how much a baby belly can change in a week?! I feel like the whole shape is different now!
How far along?: 27 weeks

How big is your baby?: the size of a cucumber (finally about 2lbs!)
Total weight gain: up 10lbs total

Sex: sweet baby GIRL--Cheney Katherine
Maternity clothes: my favorites are the Michael Stars tanks (like above) because they are super comfy! I've basically been only wearing workout capris & maxi skirts.
  Sleep: I officially feel like I am 97 weeks pregnant. Or 97 years old. Either way, it's rough. Sleep has been rough.  
Symptoms: My varicose veins are still hurting pretty badly. They are awful on the back of my right leg so it just hurts when I sit on something hard and when I stand up. I also pulled a groin muscle from all the Disney walking. I could barely walk on Sunday & it is slowly getting better. That is making sleep difficult because it hurts to lay on my side. I'll most likely be a gimp for another week or two!  
Movement: Her movements have gotten so much stronger! I can really feel when she is flipping around & can see it a lot from the outside. This is by far my favorite part of pregnancy!
Best moment this week: DISNEY WORLD! We had so much fun on our trip. I am already excited about going back! All the walking combined with the heat was rough on me, but I survived! I wish I knew how many miles we walked last week! Also, we scheduled Cheney's actual birthday yesterday at my appointment! 12 more weeks until we meet our girl!
Food cravings: ice water & that's about it!

Belly button in or out: in but starting to flatten. Womp, womp, womp...
What I miss: Normal veins & a hip that doesn't feel like it is completely dislocated. Haha! See? I am an old lady!
What I'm looking forward to: G is finishing up school next Tuesday and I am looking forward to having a more relaxed schedule. It will also be the time when we try to move Griffin into his twin bed in their shared bedroom! 

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Stephanie said...

Your belly does look much different in just one week! So crazy! I'm excited to see you as a girl Mom. I bet you are just over the moon excited.