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 I make skinny babies. I took this at the pediatrician's office and immediately started laughing. Griff is SO SKINNY.
 I mentioned that we were kind of going a baby led weaning approach to feeding Griffin. As you can tell, he is thrilled. Griff is not a fan of avocado.

This has recently happened and it has CHANGED MY LIFE. 
We have entered the phase of toddler bad dreams. This has been happening about once a week. I actually slept with Griffin this night in the guest room and walked into our room & saw this. See also: he sleeps sideways and is a horrible bed buddy. (at least he's cute.)
I did my first Costco run with both boys this week. These carts should be a universal thing. We were big fans! 
Grayson is just so proud of his bike & it makes me so happy. I love that genuine toddler boy smile! My boy is getting so big. 
One of the only days we have been able to play outside. G cherished it by riding his four wheeler and finding "coins." .....or rocks:)
We tried this cart at Publix last night. Let's just say that I couldn't finish my shopping because a certain baby kept arching his back and sliding down the seat. But? That hat kills me. SO CUTE.


{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

They are so cute Laura! So stinking cute!!!!! Double buggy looks amazing! And...look at Grayson pedaling that bike! Easton can't quiet get the hang of the pedals just yet! We're working on it!

emily said...

I loved the day when I could put jack in the cart! Such a life changer (for both of us!)

Your boys are darling! I love love love the black and white outfit Griff has on. Just precious!

Ashleigh said...

I love them both! I feel bad for poor little G & his nightmares & I die over sweet little Griff's faces that is made for avacodos! too cute!

Melissa said...

Oh I hate the toddler nightmares! So scary! You're so brave for sleeping with him though!!

lg2006 said...

I am so impressed that he can ride a bike! We try to get Fenn to ride and he just sits on it waiting for you to push him~