Grayson is quickly approaching the 2 1/2 year mark. I can hardly believe that. This age is a pretty fun (an exhausting) one and I am just loving his little personality! Sometime I want to just put a camera out so I can kind of freeze time and listen to all the funny things he says over & over again.

Here are a few "Grayson-isms" as of lately:

  • G is OBSESSED with tools. He loves to "fix" anything and everything. As soon as we get a package or box, he runs to get his tools. He will use his hammer, screwdriver, plyers, and drill to try and open the box. He works so hard and it is so funny to watch! 
  • Grayson is so independent lately and wants to do everything himself. That goes from bathing, buckling himself in his carseat, and taking his shoes and socks off.  If you try to help he immediately yells, "NO! ME DO IT!" Ben and I joke that G's new name needs to be Me Do It. 
  • This kid has the memory of an elephant. We have to be so careful because he is SO observant and watches & remembers everything.  He still remembers and talks about how my mom spilled chocolate milk in our kitchen the day GRIFFIN WAS BORN. ha! 
  • When I am trying to get Griffin to go to sleep & Grayson is around, he is either REALLY loud or he tries to help. When he wants to be a helper he likes to sing, "rock bye baby in treeeeeee top!" He will sing that line over & over again. It's so sweet. 
  • G's newest word that he says a lot is "nasty." We have no idea where he heard it but when we change Griffin's diaper he'll always say, "baby poo poo? oh. yep!  Poo poo in there! NASTY!" It makes me laugh every time.
  • G loves looking at baby pictures but still thinks all of his baby pictures are "Baby Giffin." I can't imagine why?! :) 
  • G's little imagination has been running wild these days. He loves to pretend that there are random animals in our house. We will be playing with his basketball and all of a sudden he will yell, "TIGER'S COMING!!" and take off running. He is absolutely convinced we have a tiger that lives in our guest bedroom. No worries, he said the tiger is a nice one. Phew!


Jen Watts said...

I love G!!!

Lynsey said...

I love this little guy!

Jenna said...

Too cute! Love the "nasty" comments. Hilarious!

lg2006 said...

Those are really cute and funny!