• If you follow me on Twitter or you're my friend on FB then you can skip this little part. Last week we took Griffin to get his ears checked at the pediatrician because he was having sleep issues (shocking) and refusing to nurse. His ears were clear (hooray!) but our doctor measured his head twice. Now, I make babies with big heads. We can blame their daddy for that. However, our pediatrician was concerned with how fast his head is growing. His growth chart had no curve and was basically straight up and down. We went to Vanderbilt Children's on Wednesday to have an ultrasound done on Griffin's head. We had to check to see if there was something causing his head to grow so fast. I kept pushing the bad thoughts out of my head, but I was so anxious! 
Our doctor called yesterday afternoon & confirmed that sweet Griffin has a PERFECT head! The bigger the head, the bigger brains..right? God is so good!
  • The boys have really been playing together lately and it is so fun to watch. Sitting up changes everything for a baby! Grayson is still learning how to share his toys but he does always ask Griffin to play with his fire trucks. Griffin is already obsessed with G's new firetruck. What is it with boys & trucks?! I love, love, love the way that Griffin looks at Grayson. It's the sweetest! He adores his big brother and watches his every move.
  •  I've been doing the She Reads Truth bible study off & on since it started over the summer. I started the Fresh Start series a few days late but I am just continually amazed at how every single day it is something that I need to hear. Same with my Jesus Calling devotions. God is in the details & I often forget that! He knows what I need in my life.  Are you part of the She Reads Truth community? Check it out--it's great! 
  • We've actually been sticking to our weekly menu lately. It makes me feel a lot more organized even though it is SO STRESSFUL cooking during the baby witching hour. My favorite new food blog is The Picky Palate.  She's got some great recipes & if you follow her on Instagram she will make you hungry. That's a promise. I mean, she makes an Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookie. WHAT?! 
  • I am over the winter sickies. Over. Them. I have quickly learned that having 2 kids means that they just keep passing things back & forth. I feel like we've been dealing with runny noses since early  December! Grayson brings it home from MDO and of course passes it on to Griffin. And let me tell you, there is nothing more pitiful than a baby who can't breathe trying to eat.  Our newest issue with a cold is that G thinks the best solution to his runny nose is to wipe it on his sleeve. 24/7. 

Can you tell how red his little face is? It looks like he has a red mustache. He has rubbed his face raw with his sleeve! Such a mess!


emily said...

I'm glad everything is okay with Griff's head! Those brains have to go somewhere, right?! (My guy has the opposite problem, so who knows if there's a true "normal"!)

Thanks for sharing the Picky Palate. I can't wait to check her out!

Jess Norden said...

So glad Griffin's head is ok!! Our doctor has been watching Cam's head growth, too...he even measured our heads to see if it was genetic!

Thank you for sharing your daily devotionals...I had forgotten about She Reads Truth, but just picked up Jesus Calling. I LOVE IT.