Griffin {2 months old}

Griffin, you are 2 months old! 
The stats:
Weight: 10.9lbs (20th percentile)
Height: 22 1/2 inches (50th percentile)
Diaper: size 1
Clothing: all the newborn clothes have been put away! You are wearing all 0-3 or 3 month clothes. You are growing like a weed! 
Eating: You are nursing every 3 (sometimes 4) hours during the day! You are starting to eat for a longer period of time so I think you're taking more in. The times you've had a bottle this month you drank 4-5 ounces.  The prevacid has helped you so much! We thought you were having dairy issues so I cut that out at the beginning of the month. I tested it 2 weeks ago & you seem to be doing fine! I think you were just having reflux issues & you're doing so much better now that we changed your dose. 

Sleeping: You are still not a consistent napper. You sleep a lot during the day but we aren't on a sleeping schedule yet. Some days you still sleep like a newborn -- all day long. Other days you have a few hours of awake time. We've tried the crib a few times to no avail. You aren't a fan & that's okay with me. You are sleeping in the Rock 'n Play sleeper in our room at night & have gotten much better about staying in there ALL night! Sometimes you still want to get in bed with us but I know that won't last forever! You usually eat for the last time around 8:00pm & then wake up to eat between 2-3am. You go right back to sleep (hooray!) until around 6. 
Right now you are loving...
  • your paci. It's official. You're obsessed.
  • Lights & ceiling fans. You love to stare up at the ceiling and just smile!
  • when people talk to youYou are starting to smile intentionally when mama and daddy talk to you & it is so sweet! 
  • being outside. We spend lots of time with Grayson outside & you are so happy just looking around. Especially at dusk...it seems to be your favorite time outside! 
  • the baby K'Tan. You are a snuggler & still fall asleep the second you're in the K'Tan! 
  • bath time. You are SO relaxed when you get a bath! 
  • looking at yourself in the mirror on your playmat.
Right now you are NOT loving...
  • the hour between 7-8pm. Many nights this seems to be your witching hour...which also happens to be big brother's bath & bedtime. 
  • being in your carseat. You hate being in your carseat and you hate when the car stops moving. Picky, picky! 
  • sleeping in your crib.
Griffin, you are such a mellow & sweet baby. I swear, if I knew all babies would be like you, I could have 5 more. (just not 22 months apart. ha!) You're personality is starting to come out a little bit and you seem like you're going to be the laid back child. 

You are always wide-eyed and smiley when you're awake. I live for those baby smiles...they are the cutest! You have also started really cooing a lot. It even sounds like you giggle sometimes. :) No matter where we go, people always comment on how pretty of a baby you are. It's true! You're a handsome little guy! 
Griffin, you are so much fun & I love watching you grow & learn! These two months have gone by way too fast and I am soaking up all of your little baby-ness before you go & get big on me! 

Happy 2 months, Griffin! 

...and just because...


Unknown said...

G is so precious! I can't believe it's been 2 months! Your boys are going to be such sweet friends. Love it!

Stephanie said...

Your boys are amazing! I love watching them grow.

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I love G & Griff! They both are two sweet boys! Little Griff is getting so big! It does not seem like it should be 2 months already!I love his little pictures always but then again I love both boys pictures always :)

[dianegatorfan] said...

He IS a pretty baby! He seems just so so sweet and cuddly! Happy 2 months, Griffin!!

Lynsey said...

Happy 2 Months Griffin! You are as cute as ever

Jen Watts said...

I CANNOT wait to get ahold of you sweet Griffin!! Can you teach Hank to take a nap and love bath time? He can teach you to love the carseat so you can come visit us. Love you baby boy! You are doing great!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

he is getting so big!! happy two months griffin!!

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

little cutie pie! He is so dang cute! I can't believe he's already 2 months old!

Glad you figured out the reflux thing...and you can have dairy again!! HOORAY!!!!

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