brain dumpity dump.

You'll have to excuse me, but my brain is not working properly today. My mom and I were in Louisiana all weekend and left yesterday at 3:30 in the morning and drove 10 hours back to Tennessee. Yep. 3:30 in the morning. Understand why my brain is not really functioning? 

  • I have been on a fruity candy eating spree lately. I've been begging Ben to bring home some goodies from work and he went over and above. He went to the mall candy store and stocked up on all my favorites! I'm in heaven...and currently eating swedish fish while writing this. 
  • I am way behind on my 12 week post. It was supposed to be done on Sunday. I like schedules and the fact that it will be late is driving me crazy.
  • My newest TV obsession is Hoarders. It's now on my dvr. I am SO fascinated by these people and can't for the life of me figure out why they can't just throw things away. I'm the opposite. I probably get rid of things too easily. Goodwill is my friend. 
  • While we were in Louisiana it was almost 80 degrees. Grayson got to wear shorts and tshirts...in January!! We came back to cold, rainy weather in Tennessee. Body shock! 
  • I'm going to try to get Grayson to drink smoothies. He hasn't had a vegetable since July. I'm hoping this may be the trick! Does anyone have any good websites with smoothie recipes?
  • Grayson has gotten so much more attached to his froggy lovies over the past month or so. He has always slept with them, but he has just started asking for them when he is not napping/going to bed. As soon as he gets them in his arms, he snuggles them so tight in his arms. It is SO sweet. Call  me crazy, but I am happy that he finally has something he is attached to that can comfort him. My boy was never a thumb sucker & never really cared for pacifiers...I'm glad he loves his froggy! Remind me that I said this when we are fighting about bringing froggy to kindergarten.


Alyssa said...

I can't watch hoarders without wanting to drive to their house and just start clearing stuff out! Drives me nuts!

My 12 year old daughter still sleeps with her blankie that she's had since she was 9 months old. Occasionally it comes out when she has a rough day, too. My mom and I decided that we're going to pin it inside her wedding gown someday for some added security!

Elizabeth said...

I know how u feel!
I've been on a mike & ike kick lately
Try veggie squeezies and v8 fusion
H loves his froggy! He even gave him a bath tonight...thank goodness I have extras hidden away!