random Thursday

  • It is really hard to decorate for Christmas when you have a baby. I usually get everything knocked out in one day...but it has taken me a week! ...and I still haven't finished all of the outside lights! We will get to that tomorrow when Ben is off work. Our trees are up and decorated and Grayson in enamored with the lights. He just smiles and coos at the tree. He already loves Christmas!
  • I go back to work in a little over a week. I can't talk about it or I will turn into a sobbing mess. Just ask my husband.
  • Why did I not know about Cyber Monday last year?? I hopped on the whole online shopping bandwagon a little late...but now I am obsessed! SO MUCH EASIER! I bought 6 gifts off of Amazon on Cyber Monday for less than $100 and 5 of those presents had free shipping. Yes, please!!
  • We got our Christmas cards in the mail yesterday. Love them. Thank you Shutterfly for my free cards! :)
  • Growth spurts are no fun. I don't like them. G went from sleeping for 8 hours then another 4 hours to waking up every 3 hours! I think it is over...we are slowly stretching the nights back out. I need a full nights sleep like nobody's business!
  • A couple of my biggest pet peeves have come out in the open now that the holidays are in full force: tacky gigantic blow up junk in your front yard (our neighbors have 7 of these ridiculous things) AND using white string Christmas lights on green bushes. Drives me batty! I fully admit to judging you if you do one of these 2 things...or even worse, both of them. For that, I am sorry.


Jennifer said...

Did you pay for shipping on your cards?? I'm about to buy mine and it's like $7 still. Just curious.

AND I'm SOOOO praying for you and the whole going back to work thing. Every one tells me it's way harder on the parent than the child. You are a FANTASTIC mama no matter what!!!

Elle The Heiress said...

I hate those giant blow-up things, too! My SIL has them for both Halloween and Christmas. Hers are Tigger.

KatieB. said...

You should enter your neighbors blow up decorations in Mojito Maven's tacky decoration contest! She did one for halloween and I think she's doing one for Christmas! haha www.makemineamojito.com

Esther said...

hey girly! going back to work will be really hard! i remember i cried and cried at work the day i left Arianna, however I got through it and made it and you will too. you have 3 wonderful girlfriends who are waiting for you and they will help you get through your day. on another note, I ABSOLUTELY HATE blow up decor in people's yard. i tell Robert that if I ever come home with one in the yard i'll divorce him. :) hahaha.

Micki said...

I hear you on the whole going back to work thing. I've been back for two weeks now, and I still get teary when I leave Alcie. I hope it goes well!