a good ol' brain dump.

I am back at work. Grayson is still not sleeping through the night. I'm a tired girl. This is how my brain is working today:
  • I am surviving my first week back at work. Monday=snow day. Tuesday=2 hour late due to ice day. Wednesday=Leave 2 hours due to ice day. I kid you not. I love snow.
  • I had a student asked if I knew what Grayson was yet. Ha! So hard not to laugh at a 7 year old when they say such funny things. Nope. Haven't checked between the legs yet.
  • Sunday night was when our snow began. I went to Publix at 3:30 and it iced over while I was there. It took me an hour and a half to get back to my house....which by the way was only 3 miles away!! People were stuck on frozen hills, rolling backwards, and on the sidewalk. It was t e r r i b l e.
  • Grayson hasn't napped in weeks. He might have a 30 minute cat nap a couple times a day...but the kid has been wasy too alert to want to sleep. Well now that my mom is here watching him this week, he is napping like a champ!! I don't get it. I hope it lasts.
  • Is it bad that I told Ben to buy a small white Christmas tree at work after Christmas so that I can save it for a little girl's room? And no, I don't have baby fever. Yet.
  • I absolutely love ABC Family's "25 Days of Christmas." LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Next week I will be parked on the couch, drinking hot chocolate, and watching cheesy Christmas movies.
  • I just want to point out that my friend Alex is having her baby boy (G's future bff) in March. That is so soon!! I'm getting really excited...so is Grayson.
  • I have been back to my pre-baby weight for a long time. However, my pre-baby pants don't fit right. What in the world?! So annoying..
  • It's fun seeing my friends again at work. Kinda makes it possible to not be sad! The VM's have been reunited!:)


KatieB. said...

Glad to hear your first week is going well...thanks be to Snow, huh? ;) About the jeans...all my friends who have had babies say you lose the weight, but your body shifts. So things don't fit right. Totally weird!

Elle The Heiress said...

Your clothes will fit the right way again soon, your hips are probably still spread making things off. My hips didn't move back until Sebastian was three months old. Not to scare you but it was definitely uncomfortable, my left joint kept popping and getting stuck. But it only lasted for two or three days and then it was fine. It had me scared because I didn't know what was happening until my aunt told me it was normal! LOL

Jen Watts said...

so glad you are getting some snow days! and why is it grandmas can get babies to sleep so well??

LOVE abc family...I'm thinking the hubby might divorce me ;)

yorks said...

Laura! You almost made it through the week.The first one is the hardest! Praying for you!