fa ra ra ra ra....

Merry Christmas from Tennessee! We've already had snow (which is just plain crazy) so I guess we almost had a white Christmas! I really need to take a picture of our house at night all lit up...but it is always freezing so I have been lazy. I'll work on that.
I added a 3rd tree this year in Grayson's room. It's just a small one that used to be in my classroom. So far it has blue and silver ornaments & I would like to find some lime green ones to add. Oh, and a sock monkey ornament of course!
Grayson even has a cute little tree skirt that I got at Kohl's for $4.99!

Just like llamas, I also have a love for chihuahuas. These are chi ornaments. Excessive? Please don't tell me that I am playing favorites with Jack...they simply don't make everything-under-the-sky-mutt ornaments!
Nana's Santa came to live with me...and he is always watching!
Entryway...needs something else. Any ideas?
Our red & silver tree. This is G's favorite. He loves the angel.
Newest ornament!
Our REAL tree! I love nothing more than picking out a real tree. They smell divine.
6 stockings this year! Guess we can't have any more kids because the stockings simply would not fit. Don't you love the new dog stockings? I ordered them last year after Christmas from Ballard's. I am obsessed!
There will be more next year...I have lots of ideas! I'm hoping to get things on sale after Christmas. Oh, and I'm still waiting on another tree...perhaps next Christmas!

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Elle The Heiress said...

Love the outside of your house! And three trees? WOW!